TRA lowers tax on Sprits, liquors’ stamps

TANZANIA: The Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) has announced new prices (fees) for tax stamps where the tax price for all Spirits and Liquors will now be 33,392.00 instead of 42,214.37.

Statement issued by the TRA on Tuesday stated that the new prices came into effect since January 24, 2024 adding that other products are wines of fresh grapes, wines produced by locally grown fruits are now 11,482.00 instead of 17,435.37.

Others are cigars, cheroots and cigarettes of tobacco that have dropped from 42,214.37 to 29,854.00, all locally beer made from malt and unmalted are now 14,857.00 instead of 18,312.91 while imported ones are 17,795.00 from 23,093.20.

Additionally, the authority stated that all locally produced fruit juice has dropped from 8,082.62 to 6,889.00 while imported ones are now 10,068.00 instead of 15,264.51 and all water including natural and artificial mineral waters have also dropped to 6,889.00 from 8,082.62.

TRA also mentioned sweetened or flavored waters and all non-alcoholic beverages not including fruit juice will now be 6,889.00 instead of 8,082.62 while the tax price for all Recorded video and audio tapes DVD VCO CO maintains its price, 16 165.24

According to TRA, the new Electronic Tax Stamps prices have been reduced by 30 per cent so as to grant relief to manufacturers, importers as well as consumers of the ETC products.

“The new changes come following the successful completion of negotiations involving Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA), Confederation of Tanzania Industries (CTI) and the vendor SICPA SA,” the statement read.

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