TR unveils strategies to reform public entities

DAR ES SALAAM : TREASURY Registrar Nehemiah Mchechu on Sunday laid bare over five key strategies to be undertaken to realise complete reforms and rebuilding of public institutions, including reviewing laws of their establishment.

In this, the Office of the Treasury Registrar has started leading the way by making changes in its management structure, where the Bill will be tabled in the Parliament in September this year to change its status to an authority in charge of public investments.

Ahead of first-ever strategic meeting involving all heads of institutions and board chairpersons, Mr Mchechu said another strategy would be to uphold a culture of annual strategic meeting that will play a pivotal role in building capacity and making a common understanding.

“Though the efforts for reforms had already started, but the forthcoming three-day strategic meeting from August 19 will officially build a common understanding and set the ball rolling in the journey for reforms and rebuilding,” he stated, when speaking with journalists in Dar es Salaam.

Elaborating on other strategies, he said, the heads of the public entities will be obtained through a competitive process.

“Also, members of the boards of directors will be selected strategically by considering their relevant abilities and expertise to solve challenges facing a particular public organisation,” he stated.

Another area, the TR looks forward to is giving freedom to institutions by end of this month, especially on the issue of recruitment, but they will be monitored through the set criteria for performance.

Speaking on the forthcoming strategic meeting, he said, it is expected that heads and chairpersons of all 302 public companies will attend.

Out of them, 248 companies are fully owned by the government and in the remaining 54, the State only owns shares.

He said such meeting will heighten efficiency of the public entities, upon which they would enhance better performance of the private sector companies.

“When public companies perform poorly, they also affect efficiency of the private companies because the public organisations play a facilitative role as some of them act as regulators,” he pointed out.

It is expected that upon the meeting, public entities will up their efficiency and increase their dividends to the government.

“Those organisations that still rely on the government’s subsidies should stop, they only have one year from now to graduate from depending on government’s subsidies,” he said.

He assured: “On my view, from next year we will start seeing changes and by 2030 we will be very different.”

Commenting, Mr Sabasaba Moshingi, chairperson of the CEOs of Public Entities Forum, commended the move of organising such meeting, which he said, would play a key role in reforming the organisation and thus contributing more to the country’s economy.

“I believe that when we do reforms together in public institutions, they will uplift our country’s economy,” Mr Moshingi argued.

His deputy, Ms Latifa Khamis, said the forum supports the idea of convening meeting for heads of institutions in supporting President Samia Suluhu Hassan’s vision to develop the country.

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