TPDF personnel to donate blood to mark 58th anniversary

THE Tanzania People’s Defence Force (TPDF) military personnel will today   donate blood as part of the army’s   58th  anniversary celebrations.

Speaking   on Wednesday in Dar es Salaam, Director of Information and Public Relations, Lt. Col. Gaudentius Ilonda said  TPDF   marks  58 years  since  its   establishment   in September  1964  whereby  the  Chief of  Defence  Forces  (CDF), General Jacob Mkunda will lead   the  exercise which  will  involve all  military   personnel in  their  respective camps.

“   It’s  our  responsibility   to   continue   serving  our  people   even  during   peace days  , so  during   our  58th   anniversary   all our  men  and  women   in various  camps   will   donate blood  as   we  know  ‘The gift of blood is a gift to someone’s life’ , he   said .

Besides, donating  blood  to  the  blood  bank  , TPDF   military personnel will also  take part in  environmental  cleanliness  in  their  respective  camps  and  vicinity  areas  and  also participate in interactive games with  the  community.

“ Our  58 years  anniversary  commenced   since  August  26  with  various   activities   including  free  medical  services  to  the  community   which  involved  three  regions  Dar  es  Salaam, Coast  and  Urban West   in  Zanzibar  engaging  colleagues  from  East African  Cooperation   members armed  forces,”  said   Lt. Colonel  Ilonda.

He  added  that  EAC  members  armed  medical  personnel from  Democratic  Republic  of  Congo, (DRC), Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Uganda and host  Tanzania  participated  in  the  4th East African Community (EAC) Armed Forces’ Civil Military Cooperation (CIMIC) Activities Week hosted  in Tanzania   from  August  26 to 31  prior  to the TPDF  Day to be  marked  at  national level  in  Dar es  Salaam .

The  armed  forces  medical  personnel  from  other EAC   member states   conducted  free  medical  camps   as   well   provided   donations  to  various  orphanage centres  and  elderly home care   and   in  three  regions  in  the  country   picked  for the  event.

The  places  which  benefited from  the  CIMIC activities week  which  went  simultaneously with  TPDF Day  anniversary  are  Magomeni , Kigamboni  health  centres, Mbagala  hospital in  Dar  es  Salaam ,  Kibaha  health centre at  Maili Moja  and  Bagamoyo  hospital  in  Coast  region  and  Mpendae  health  centre  and  two  other  which  will be  named  later.

According to him all  medical equipment  and  pharmaceutical drugs  left  after  the  CIMIC activities week  will be  handed  to the respectively centres  and  hospitals  where the  activities  were conducted.

Apart from the free medical services  also  they  will provide  social  service to  the  community  such as  donation to  orphanage  centres  and  Elderly home cares  where  they  will  donate building materials like  iron sheet , cements , blocks, tiles   to name  a few.

The  orphanage centres  and  elderly  home  to  benefit  from the  event  are Yatima  Trust  group (Chamazi), Hiari Orphans  Centre(Mbagala Rangitatu) , Kurasini  Orphanage  centre  run by  the  government, Lady  Fatima Orphanage  and  Nunge  Elderly  home (kigamboni) in Dar es  Salaam.

Others are Amani Orphanage centre (Bagamoyo), Shalom Orphan centre and Buloma Children foundation (Picha ya Ndege) in Coast region.

EAC Armed Forces’ CIMIC week is a routine exercise meant to enhance regional integration on Defence matters by giving service to community and is held under the spirit of the EAC Protocol on Cooperation in Defence Affairs whose four pillars include military training, joint operations, technical cooperation, visits and exchange of information.

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