TPDF opens recruitment window for soldiers

THE Tanzania People’s Defence Forces (TPDF) has announced that it will conduct a recruitment exercise of soldiers.

Speaking to journalists in Dodoma on Thursday, the TPDF spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Gaudentius Ilonda said the opportunity is available for youths who have completed two-year training at the Nation Service (JKT).

The army spokesperson explained that recruits must be adult males and females between the age of 18 and 26 years of age. In addition to the qualification of attending the two years of JKT training all recruits must be citizens of Tanzania by birth, with national identification card or numbers.

“Recruits should possess a minimum education of Form Four or Form Six and higher education for professionals,” Lieutenant Colonel Ilonda said.

He said that other qualities include good physical and mental health, good behavior and not having a criminal record or having been charged or imprisoned.

He further said that the opportunity for recruits will be special for youths who attended the two-year National Service training but were sent back home after missing the opportunity to be enlisted in the army.

“After the army secured recruitment permit it is now giving priority for recruitment to those who attended National Service training in the past,” he said.

Lieutenant Colonel Ilonda said that applicants for the job should not have served in the Police Force, Prisons and at the Zanzibar Special Anti-Smuggling Force (KMKM).

He explained that in addition to the handwritten application letter, applicants must attach a copy of the National Identity Card or NIDA Number, a copy of birth certificate and a copy of school or college certificates, a copy of the National Service training certificate as well as his/her own mobile phone number.

He noted that for the youths a special arrangement and procedures  will be prepared where a special team will visit the camps to enroll those with the required qualifications and criteria.

Lieutenant Colonel Ilonda said all applications should be sent to the Chief of Staff, Army Headquarters, Box 194, Dodoma or through the email: before March 20th, this year.

In addition, Lieutenant Colonel Kilonda has called on Tanzanians to beware of fraudsters, who take advantage to defraud people.

“I ask Tanzanians not to be fooled by the fraudulent messages,” he warned.

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