TPDC increases natural gas production to meet demand

TANZANIA, Mtwara : Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) has embarked on the process to improve gas producing well MB-1 at Mnazi Bay Development area in Mtwara Region to expand the production in the country.

The process started on Monday aiming at increasing natural gas production for the well (Gas well MB-1) from the current 10 million cubic feet to 17 million cubic feet per day.

The natural gas producing well MB-1 was discovered in 1982 and started production in 2016.

Briefing journalists here on Monday, TPDC Development and Production Manager, Felix Nanguka said the improvement process aims at increasing 7 million more cubic feet to meet the increasing market demand.

“The gas well MB-1 currently has the capacity to produce 10 million cubic feet per day but after the expansion process we are expecting the production to increase by seven million cubic feet and enable the well to produce 17 million cubic feet per day,” he said.

Mr Nanguka said the decision to expand the production is prompted by the increase market demands in the country.

According to him the improvement process is also expected to be done in other four gas producing wells at Mnazi Bay Development areas to expand production.

Apart from that, he said that TPDC in collaboration with oil and gas explorers have plans to develop natural gas fields in Ntorya and Songo Songo areas to increase production towards meeting the growing demand.

He said in Ntorya, the production is expected to start in June 2025. Currently the the corporation is the the process of acquiring a contractor to build a 35 kilometres gas pipeline from Ntorya Gas reserve to Madimba Gas Processing Plant.

In Songo Songo, he said TPDC is set to install gas compressor within the Songas Natural processing facility to address declining reservoir pressure and ensure maximum production levels are sustained subject to demand.

Currently, 70 percent of electricity used in the country is being generated from natural gas. According to TPDC 84 per cent of the natural gas power produced in the country is being used in generating electricity, 15 per cent for manufacturing as one per cent is used in cars and homes.

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