TPA to modernise Musoma Port

TANZANIA is set to excel in maritime transport as Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) targets to mordenise Musoma Port to tap more opportunities in local and foreign markets.

Port Manager for Lake Victoria ports, Mr Ferdinand Nyathi, said here that the port is strategic as it handles a lot of activities, linking the port and other areas of the country with Kisumu in Kenya.

He said TPA will work on the matter to modernise its infrastructure so as to offer more services, adding that currently there is competition between port and land use in terms of transportation, where, he further clarified that after modernisation, the port will attract more clients.

Musoma sits on the eastern edge of Lake Victoria, close to the international borders of Tanzania with Kenya and Uganda. It is located approximately 60 kilometres, directly south of the geographical point where the borders of the three East African countries intersect.

Mr Nyathi said Lake Victoria serves a role of linking different countries commercially, especially in the trade of agricultural products, noting that Mwanza Port has become popular in handling such cargo due to many factors, one of them being honest staff.

The manager assured all customers within and outside the country that challenges facing the ports are being addressed, saying: “TPA works closely with the Tanzania Revenue Authority, Tanzania Police Force and other security organs.

Expounding, he noted that TPA won plaudits from stakeholders for improving ports’ services, where many are now enjoying secure services and called upon others to prefer the harbors for their businesses.

In his quick analysis, Mr Nyathi said that TPA plays the role of both landlord and operator of the ports with the main functions of promoting their uses, development and management as well as delegating powers of the authority to private operators in the chain business.

In the chain, TPA operates a system of ports serving the country’s hinterlands and the landlocked countries of Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Burundi, Rwanda, Malawi, Uganda, Comoro and Zimbabwe.

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