TPA, DP WORLD DEAL: PM: State has clear vision

PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa on Wednesday urged Tanzanians not to be divided by differing opinions appertaining to the Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA) between Tanzania and the Emirate of Dubai.

Instead, he called on members of the public to support the government, assuring the citizenry that it was treading carefully while approaching the issue that has lately hit the headlines.

The Premier, who was adjourning the 11th session of the 12th Parliament, appealed to Tanzanians to remain united while expressing their views and opinions on the prospects of the agreement.

“Let’s desist from any sort of opinions or views that will likely split the country apart, on political, ethnical and religious lines,” explained the PM, who also doubles as the leader of the government activities in the House.

Mr Majaliwa challenged Tanzanians to approach the issue with sober minds while valuing and treasuring the country’s peace and solidarity.

He equally urged MPs to accord the government necessary support, irrespective of varied opinions that have shrouded the deal.

“The government has a clear vision of delivering positive results to the country, as far as the agreement is concerned,” he observed.

The PM reiterated that the agreement seeks not only to decongest the Dar es Salaam port, but it will also improve its efficiency.

Mr Majaliwa noted that the government was losing out on revenues due to the current inefficiency of the port.

The Prime Minister further allayed fears on the credibility of the Emirati multinational logistics company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

“This is a reputable firm, credited for handling 190 ports in 68 countries around the world,” the PM assured.

According to Mr Majaliwa, DP World boasts of requisite expertise in running logistical related activities.

According to the Prime Minister, the agreement will prioritise a raft of issues, ranging from port’s ownership, tenure of the contract, local content to the security of the host country.

“The agreement further seeks to cement political and economic ties between Tanzania and Dubai,” he emphasised.

Throughout the implementation of the envisioned project, Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) will be responsible in the management of all ports in the country as stipulated in the Ports Act number 17 of 2004.

So will be the responsibility of security organs in protecting and safeguarding waters within the limits of the ports, just as it was the case during the heydays of the Tanzania International Container Terminal Services (TICTS).

“I want to assure Tanzanians that TRA will be the sole revenue collector once the deal comes to fruition,” he insisted.

The Prime Minister equally challenged the Ministry of Works and Transport to sensitize the public on the prospects of the deal.

The PM also informed the House on the progress of the Kilwa modern fishing port.

“An office of the contractor and an oil reserve for future works has been set up and the project is well on course,” the PM disclosed.

Preliminary construction preparations also include a geological investigation of the soil.

Upon completion, the Kilwa modern fishing port is expected to have a capacity of producing 60,000 metric tonnes of fish annually.

It is expected that part of the fish will be sold to neighboring countries.

As part of a plan to take advantage of the country’s blue economy, the Tanzanian government plans to buy fishing boats for the port.

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