TPA donates 20m/- to Temeke Hospital

TANZANIA Ports Authority (TPA) has donated 21m/- worth of delivering beds to Temeke Hospital to enable pregnant women are delivering in a better environment.

The Dar es Salaam port Director, Mr Mrisho Seleman Mrisho, said the purpose for the donation is to improve the condition in the delivery room for the pregnant women to deliver under safety environment.

“We have come to support the hospital through this donation seeking to improve and solve some delivering challenges,” said Mr Mrisho.

TPA, he said, is also looking at the possibility of donating a minivan as requested by the hospital under its social corporate responsibility.

He added that the port authority has set aside between 380m/- and 1.1bn/- to facilitate various requirements from different social entities.

Temeke Hospital Medical Officer Incharge, Dr Joseph Kimaro said these beds are going to reduce the challenge of bed shortage in the delivery room since the hospital is attending between 20 and 30 pregnant women per day.

“The current beds in our wards have been used for quite a long time so through these new beds, we are going to make improvements to our wards,” said Dr Kimaro when receiving terms at the hospital open ground yesterday.

Dr Kimaro said for the past nine months, the hospital has been able to serve more than 4600 pregnant women whereby 2935 delivered normally and 1757 delivered through the surgery while seven lost their lives due to various problems including Blood Pressure (BP) and excessive bleeding.

The event was also attended by various public and government officials including Temeke District Commissioner, Ms Mwanahamisi Munkunda, Mayor of Temeke Municipal, Mr Abdallah Mtinika and other stakeholders.

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