TPA assures mining sector stakeholders of efficient services at ports

TANZANIA Ports Authority (TPA) has assured mining sector stakeholders of proficiency and efficiency in its services when they export and import mineral products through the country’s ports.

The TPA made the assurance at the ongoing 5th Mining Technology Exhibitions held at Bombambili square in Geita region where the authority is a participant.

The exhibitions have attracted mining sector stakeholders from within and outside the country and thousands of visitors from Lake Zone regions.

TPA’s Public Relations and Communication Manager, Nicodemus Mushi said the authority has effectively used the exhibitions to meet with key stakeholders of the mining sector.

The group largely contributes to the amount of consignment imported or exported through Tanzania’s ports, especially Dar es Salaam Port.

“There is a big link between TPA and mining activities, we highly depend on each other. Mineral products, machineries and raw materials for mining are part of important cargo passing via our ports.

“Whereas mining sector depends on the port for transportation, TPA depends on such cargo to get revenues through port business,” Mr Mushi said.

Tanzania serves eight neighbouring countries in transporting their cargo through its ports, particularly Dar es Salaam Port.

Miniral-rich countries like DR Congo and Zambia are major customers of the port whereby in 2021/22 financial year at least 850,000 tonnes of minerals were handled.

“In our long and short term plans, we will continue cooperating with stakeholders of the mining sector in ensuring that they get better services, reliable security and affordable costs as per their needs,” he assured.

Despite the fact that the exhibitions were dominated by display of mineral products and services, many visitors who visited the TPA pavilion showed an interest to understand activities carried out by the authority, especially the service of handling imported vehicles and courses offered by the Bandari College, cargo import and export and others.

The Bandari College is among the country’s best higher learning institutions that prepare the youth to work in port services sector such as crane operation.

On their part, some stakeholders commended the government for enabling TPA to accomplish projects for expanding ports of Dar es Salaam, Tanga and Mtwara and the construction of new Karema Port.

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