Tourists must observe mosque etiquette, rules

TOURISTS visiting the ruins of the oldest Islamic Mosque in Bagamoyo Town in Coast Region will now have to put off their shoes as mosque etiquette and rules require.

The Deputy Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Mary Masanja ordered the Director of Antiquities in the Ministry to make sure that Mosque etiquettes and rules are observed by visitors to the ruins of the oldest Islamic Mosque in Kaole, Bagamoyo town.

“The Director of Antiquities should provide directives on mosque etiquettes and rules. That mosque is like any other mosque. People should put off their shoes,” she said in Parliament following a plea from Bagamoyo Member of Parliament, Mr Muharami Shabani Mkenge that the mosque should be treated like any other mosque and visitors should follow mosque etiquette and rules.

The deputy minister said as many buildings in Bagamoyo area are under the management and ownership of various authorities, including individuals and private institutions, the ministry has continued to encourage all stakeholders to carry out repairs that do not affect the appearance or destroy the history.

He said that until yesterday four stakeholders had already been given permits to repair their buildings within the Old Town of Bagamoyo.

In addition, the ministry in collaboration with the Old Town Authority of the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar plan major renovation of the Old Fortress building after it was rescued by strengthening the building.

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