Top three giants, Thamani unite against women, child abuse

THE government has called upon teams participating in Mainland Premier League and other leagues to engage in social initiatives, particularly in the fight against violence targeting women and children.

These sentiments were made by the Deputy Minister for Culture, Arts, and Sports, Hamis Mwinjuma during the launch of the “Piga Mpira, Si Wanawake” campaign, initiated by the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), Thamani Women Tanzania.

The deputy minister emphasized the significance of football and sports in general to promote peace and unity.

He said with a vast fan base, Simba, Young Africans, Azam FC, and Singida Fountain Gate ought to actively participate in campaigns against violence targeting women and children.

He said that collective efforts can lead to positive societal and habitual change.

The campaign involves Simba, Azam FC, and Singida Fountain Gate, with plans to include more teams in the future.

“The government expressed its wholehearted support for Thamani Women Tanzania’s movement, recognizing the vital role it plays in the country,” he said.

The deputy minister stressed the need for Thamani Women Tanzania to leverage their influence to promote these campaigns, emphasizing the role of players and sports leaders as mirrors of society.

“By uniting in this cause, they aim to achieve their shared goals,” he said.

For her part, the Director General of Thamani Women Tanzania, Nafue Nyange explained their choice of football as a medium to rapidly disseminate their message, given the sport’s popularity among men.

Nyange said their strategy involves players from these teams creating audio and video content denouncing acts of violence against women and children, which will be shared across social networks and radio platforms. The objective is to swiftly reach society and eradicate this behavior.

Nyange added, “Initially, we have chosen these three teams, and we plan to expand our reach by involving more teams in the future. I would like to take this opportunity to applaud the leaders of these three teams and all stakeholders for their support in this crucial campaign for the betterment of our society. We believe in our success.”

Meanwhile; Simba’s Chief Executive Officer, Imani Kajula, affirmed their commitment to using their players and social media presence to vigorously oppose violence against women and children. This commitment found resonance with the Chief Executive Officer of Azam FC, Abdulkarim Popat, and Singida Fountain Gates FC’s Olebile Sikwane.

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