Tomorrow is Eid Al-Fitr, says Mufti

MUFTI Abubakar Zuberi bin Ally on Thursday announced that Eid Fitr celebrations will be marked tomorrow.

Elaborating, he called upon Muslims to wind up the 30th day today as they prepare to usher in the Eid Fitri tomorrow. In a related development, Police Force has assured the public that the security situation in the country is stable as Muslims move towards celebrating the Eid Al-Fitr tomorrow.

Elaborating, Police Spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police (SACP), David Misime further asked the public to volunteer information that would lead to identifying criminals and preventing crimes so that the country continues to be peaceful, stable and secure.

Speaking to journalists on Thursday, he further said that Islamic religion believers and all citizens in general expect to celebrate the Eid Al Fitr after the completion of the holy month of Ramadan and moon sighting, adding: “Eid Al fitr celebration is accompanied by believers participating in Eid worship in various places and later the Eid Council after the worship…Muslims and the general public might opt to visit each other and go to various places to celebrate, but in peace.”

SACP Misime further said that the Police Force in the country is fully organised in collaboration with the Islamic religious leaders and the general public to ensure that security is strengthened in all areas of worship and people to celebrate in peace.

“The commanders of the regions and team will manage security according to the situations and their regions,” he pointed out. In a related development, he called upon parents and guardians to ensure that their children are protected and not left alone, so that they do not suffer from any kind of harm as they celebrate the festivity in various places.

Adding: “On the other hand, the Tanzania Police Force would like to continue to thank the citizens for their understanding of the importance of cooperation for peace in the society and identifying and preventing crimes. Eid al-Fitr is expected to be celebrated tomorrow.

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