Toll fees worth 1.8bn/- renovate Ilemela roads

TANZANIA Rural and Urban Roads Agency (TARURA) have spent a toll fund of over 1.8bn/- for the construction of roads in effort to smooth transportation in Ilemela Municipality.

Ilemela Municipal TARURA’s Eng Gavidas Mlyuka told the ‘Daily News’ that the money enabled construction of tarmac roads, cover patches and ditches in the just past 2022/2023 Financial Year.

“Through the toll fees we have built a kilometre of tarmac road at Magomeni Street and Kabuhoro at Kirumba worth over 998 m/-, these projects were undertaken by Nyanza Roadwork,” Eng  Mlyuka said.

Adding “so far the two projects have reached 90 per cent”.

On the other side, he said the patching work has been carried out on the road at Mecco Street and Buswelu Ward roads at a cost of 1.3 m/-, saying the renovation has smoothed transportation in the respective areas.

Eng Mlyuka said the toll fund has been greatly contributing in to expansion of road infrastructure at the municipal.

Additionally, he said TARURA has built ditches and street highways worth 4.9 m/-.

He commended the government allocating enough fund to the agency that helped opening the Ilemela Municipal by building roads so that people can do their daily activities including enjoying eased travel.

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