TMDA seizes over 40m/- medicines

TANZANIA Medicines and Medical Devices Authority (TMDA) in Western Zone has seized medical drugs from various Accredited Drug Dispensing Outlet (ADDO) worth 43m/-, which are not allowed to be sold at the facilities.

TMDA Zonal Acting Manager, Mr Kiboko Magigi, said the medicines were found in some outlets in Katavi, Tabora and Kigoma regions.

He noted that the medicines are not harmful to people but they are not allowed to be sold at the ADDO level.

The availability of such medicines at ADDO is contrary to regulation which restricts ADDO from selling and governing the dispersion of drugs in various levels.

“The authority conducted an inspection since October last year to March 2023 and came up with those drugs. We are now donating them to Uyui Prison to be used by inmates,” he said.

He said TMDA is aware that the Prison’s health care centre serves not only inmates but also the community around, that is why it has decided to donate the whole drugs package.

He however issued a stern warning over dishonest operators of the drug outlets because the regulation is very clear on the kind of drugs to be sold at ADDO level.

According to him, those who defy observing the regulations are at risk of their licences being revoked or taken to court.

Uyui Prison Assistant Chief Officer, Dr Richard Malifedha, expressed gratitude to TMDA, saying that the donation came at the right time since the prison’s health centre was facing an acute shortage of medicines.

He stressed that the donation was going to fill the gap for some months ahead.

“And we have a good number of sick prisoners here. We are much thankful,” he stated.

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