TMDA: 97 per cent of drugs meet quality standards

TANZANIA : THE Tanzania Medicines and Medical Devices Authority (TMDA) stated that an average of 97 per cent of drugs in the country’s market meet quality standards.

The authority further noted that 91 per cent of the medical devices meet quality criteria.

This is the finding from samples laboratory testing that the authority has been conducting in the past 20 years since established. Annually the TMDA tests an average of 1372 drug samples.

TMDA’s Director of Laboratory Services Dr Danstan Shewiyo, noted this on Friday when the authority held a strategic meeting with journalists.

“This shows that our market of drugs and medical devices is good. When making follow ups on complaints over alleged counterfeit drugs and medical devices, we found out that most of the drug reactions were the result of improper use of a particular drug,” Dr Shewiyo stated when making a presentation on achievements of drug laboratory services offered by the TMDA in ensuring efficiency and quality of drugs in the country.

Earlier, when opening the meeting, TMDA Director General Mr Adam Fimbo called upon the media to effectively play a role of educating the public over proper use of the medicines in supporting the authority and save the public.

As it marks 20 years since established, the authority has made significant strides, including attaining World Health Organisation (WHO) Maturity Level Three, which is the first of its kind in Africa.

It is the first national regulatory authority in Africa to attain maturity level 3 for setting up a robust medicines regulatory system in 2018.

This status made Tanzania become the first WHO member state in Africa to reach its advanced medicines regulatory system.

The authority continuously monitors quality, safety and effectiveness through vigilance and post-marketing surveillance activities whereby vigilance centres have been established and effectively used throughout the entire country.

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