TMA: Surge in temperatures linked to Sun’s position

DAR ES SALAAM: THE Tanzania Meteorological Authority (TMA) clarified on Thursday the reasons behind elevated temperatures in various regions of the country, attributing the phenomenon to the current overhead positions of the sun.

The authority said despite the high temperatures, periods of rainfall will persist in many areas of the country throughout this month.

According to the authority the overhead sun is associated with temperature increase coupled with shortage of rain in many areas.

In Tanzania, the overhead periods of the sun peaks towards the end of November. This occurs when the sun is heading southwards and resumes in February when the sun is heading northwards.

The highest maximum temperature of 33.9°C was recorded at the Morogoro station, Katavi region on 29th December, 2023, the statement said.

This demonstrates an increase of 1.3°C compared to the long-term average observed during the month of December.

Furthermore, other areas that experienced increase in temperature for the month of December, 2023 include Tanga region 33.6°C (an increase of 1.5°C), Dodoma 33.6°C (an increase of 2.9°C), Dar es Salaam 33.2°C (an increase of 1.2°C) and Zanzibar 33.4 °C (an increase of 1.6°C) .

The authority said the global average temperature for the year 2023 reached a record-breaking 1.40°C, making it the warmest year in the history of the world.

Tanzania also experienced a historic high, with a temperature increase of 1.00°C in 2023.

The authority, therefore, advises the public to continue making follow-ups of weather forecasts updates as well as to seek, obtain and make use of sectoral advice to mitigate the potential impacts of adverse weather conditions.

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