TIRA out to enhance insurance performance in health sector

DODOMA: TANZANIA Insurance Regulatory Authority (TIRA) has expressed its commitment to implement its duties assigned by the law in managing the insurance sector in improving the health sector in the country.

This was said by TIRA’s Commissioner of Insurance, Dr Baghayo Saqware to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health and HIV/AIDS during the seminar on various Health Insurance issues, especially implementation of the Universal Health Insurance (UHI) law.

The seminar was organised recently by TIRA, the Ministry of Health and the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) in Dodoma. During the seminar, TIRA based on the Universal Health Insurance Law (UHI) signed in November by President Dr Samia Suluhu Hassan, where the law has given authority the responsibility of managing the operation of the insurance.

“TIRA will properly implement its duties assigned by the law and also it will use its experience in managing the insurance sector to improve the health sector in the country,” Dr Saqware said.

Dr Saqware also said that he has received recommendations from the delegates regarding the implementation of the UHI law. Speaking earlier, TIRA’s Quality and Risk Control Manager, Mr Zakaria Muyengi said that the authority is experienced in managing health insurance schemes as it already manages seven insurance companies that deal with the provision of health insurance.

Mr Muyengi said that TIRA is well prepared to implement UHI responsibility, adding that it has currently formed a team that is reviewing and preparing the structure of TIRA to be able to establish a special department that will deal with UHI issues.

Last Saturday, VicePresident Dr Philip Mpango urged Tanzanians to join health insurance schemes to benefit from improved health services.

“Dear citizens, recently President Samia signed the universal health insurance law. This law ensures that every citizen gets access to healthcare services. Therefore, I urge you to join health insurance schemes to guarantee you that when you fall sick and you don’t have cash you can still get treatment,” he added.

“The government will continue with its plans of strengthening healthcare services to ensure that every citizen gets access to healthcare services wherever they are,” the Vice-President said.

He added: “By 2030, every citizen shall have full access to healthcare services right where they are. We have invested in infrastructure, and as you can see, and we have procured medical equipment and medicines. I urge that as we increase the budget allocations for medicines, the allocated funds should be used appropriately.”

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