TIRA mobilises insurance companies in supporting Hanang mudslide survivors

DAR ES SALAAM: TANZANIA Insurance Regulatory Authority (TIRA) in collaboration with the Association of Tanzania Insurers (ATI) has donated food and other domestic items to victims of the mudslide tragedy at Katesh in Hanang District, Manyara region.

The donation was made over the weekend to Hanang District Commissioner, Mis Janeth Mayanja, to support those in dire need for them to rebuild their lives shattered by the unfortunate incident.

The mudslide claimed 76 lives and destroyed 1,150 households, which equates to 5,600 people have been affected.

According to TIRA’s Commissioner of Insurance, Dr Baghayo Saqware , the Authority was touched by the mudslide tragedy and mobilised donations from insurance companies to help the victims.

“We have been touched by the mudslide tragedy victims and decided to mobilise insurance companies through ATI to support our fellow Tanzanians in Katesh,” Dr Saqware said.

The relief items donated include rice (2400kg), beans (1200kg) sugar (100kg), wheat flour (500kg), cooking oil (1080litres), milk powder (48 tins), 209 plates, 202 cups and 88 big plastic buckets.

Other items include 5 bags of clothes, 22 tea thermos, liquid soap (12 gallon), hand washing soap ( 72 bottles), 400 pieces of bar soap and 1200 pacts of salt.

Speaking after receiving the donations, Hanang District Commissioner, Ms Janeth Mayanja, said the help provided by the insurance sector would relieve victims from the hardship, especially considering the needs of young children who needed milk and nutritional powder.

Ms Mayanja also encouraged other institutions and individuals to emulate the TIRA and insurance companies to donate whatever they have.

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