The importance of air in the wildness of Savannah

THIS week Brazil asked countries like Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Indonesia and Colombia to unite and have singer say toward others in the world.

This was made intentionally in preparation of the United Nations Climate Change Conference which is going to take place on 6th of November this year in Sharm El Sheikh of Egypt.

While this is happening, paleontologists say from about 360 million years ago seed plant spread into different ecosystem and become source of food for different olden animals, birds and insects.

Meanwhile the second generation of seed plants appeared about 340 million years ago and triggered the flourishing of the ancient forests in different parts of the world

Meanwhile with an area which covers more than 364,900 square miles or 945,087 square kilometers, the United Republic of Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa.

It is estimated that big water bodies such as lake Eyasi, Natron, Rukwa, Nyasa, Tanganyika, Victory and others occupy about 59,050 square kilometers leaving 886,037 square kilometers with dry land for people and other land dwelling creatures.

With this huge area which is larger than the rest of other East African countries combined together, Tanzania has portioned more than 118,736. 56 square kilometers for game reserves and more than 56,698.80 square kilometers for national parks.

This is a tremendous dedication which enables Tanzania to be a leading example in the world when we talk of conservation of flora and fauna on this terrestrial planet full of air.

Air is a mixture of various invisible gases that circulate in the atmosphere, these gases include oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen.

Humans can feel air, but air is an invisible substance, takes up space, exists in a gaseous state, it has no smell or color and air has weight.

Air is very important in the environment and for living things, so we have to take care of the environment. The importance of air is seen in the life of organisms.

Take example of combustion of things, pollination, electricity generation, drying of things, and transport of sound waves, rising and floating of things.

Without the presence of air we cannot fill tires or balloons of all atmospheric vapor which turns into rain and equalizing the temperature on Earth depends on availability of air.

All organisms including animals and plants depend on the oxygen present in the air to survive. A germinating seed needs oxygen gas to burn stored food and produce energy that enables sprouting and growth.

Also, plants use carbon dioxide found in the air to synthesize their food. In animals, oxygen is carried in the blood and carried to the cells. Oxygen in the cells helps the conversion of food into energy for the body.

Plants are the main supplier of food for insects, birds and animals while trees, bushes and grasses form a very big air filter which take out carbon dioxide to create conducive environment for other creatures to thrive on the planet Earth from about 450 million years ago.

That happens since the first land plant evolved and thrived following advancement of the ancient photosynthesis process.

For fire to burn, oxygen gas must be present, this gas allows the burning of various materials such as wood, charcoal and paper. Oxygen gas causes wood, charcoal, and paper to burn.

From the Samora avenue Dar es salaam to Namtumbo in Songea, gasoline engines use oxygen to burn fuel to produce energy that powers the engine.

Inside a house in Tandale or Ungalimited  a charcoal stove needs oxygen to produce energy which burn a wood to ash while cooking food for a family.

Also air circulating in the atmosphere carries pollen from the male part of a flower to the female part of the flower, this happens on the same plant or between plants from the same species.

Scientists say the history of evolution of plants on the Earth is very complicated but it is estimated that the earliest plant appeared about 1.2 billion years ago.

We likes flowers because of their colors but flowers emit scents that are carried by the air from one place to another and please ourselves.

The scent of flowers is recognized by creatures such as insects and birds as they follow scented flowers to find food. When these creatures feed on the nectar of flowers, they carry pollen and pollinate the flowers.

Powered by photosynthesis process these are gorgeous creatures which more than two thousand years ago one greater philosopher said “notice how the flowers grow, they don’t toil or spin but I tell you not even Solomon (Suleiman) in all his splendors was dressed like one of them.

Air is very important when we need energy, along with various sources of generating electrical energy such as water and sun, electricity is also produced using wind.

Wind is air that travels fast, there special wind turbines are placed in areas with strong winds which produce power.

Circulating air causes water to be absorbed in the form of vapor from various objects such as crops and soil, when we steam the washed clothes in an open area it allows the air to absorb the water and leave them dry.

Cereal crops are placed in open areas so that the surrounding air carries moisture and makes the crops dry well. Grains are placed in open areas so that the surrounding air carries moisture and makes the crops dry well. Grains that can be air-dried include corn, sorghum, sorghum and beans.

We can hear the sounds of people, birds, animals and various things like bells because there is air, when sound waves are generated from one place to another they are transported through the air.

Sounds from different system as radio receives various sound waves. Without air we cannot hear the sounds we hear in the environment we live in.

Various birds and insects move from one place to another by flying in the air. Objects that fly in the air have a special structure that helps them float in the air.

Manmade objects such as parachutes and balloons are filled with air to enable them to float in the air.

Vehicles such as bicycles, motorcycles and cars use tires to move from one place to another. Tires are mounted on the wheels of these vehicles and inflated to be usable.

When the tires are filled with air, they help vehicles carry heavy loads, also, pneumatic tires reduce friction with the road.

When water in various places gets heated, it turns into steam and goes into the air, as the water vapor goes into the air it cools, condenses and forms clouds.

When clouds are thick they form droplets that fall from the sky as rain. This whole cycle of precipitation creates droplets that fall from the sky as rain.

This entire rainfall cycle depends heavily on the air. Scientists say air circulates on land and over water such as lakes, rivers and oceans to make conducive situation for life on Earth.

When the Sun’s rays hit the land, especially during the summer, the temperature increases, at the same time, the water heats up gradually, so it has a lower temperature than land.

The wind blows from the water towards the land, as the air circulates from the surface of the water it paralyzes the warm land air. The circulation of air on land and in water keeps the earth’s temperature moderate.

Oxygen is important in the environment and organisms in general, this gas is used in breathing, in hospitals and in welding. Also, it is used in transportation and sewage treatment.

Oxygen is used by various organisms such as humans and other animals. This gas is used by other organisms that are not visible to the eye.

When an animal such as elephant, lion, snake and other inhales air into the lungs, oxygen is taken up by the blood and carried to the cells of the body.

Oxygen helps the burning of food to produce energy in the body. Oxygen penetrates the skin of small organisms and enters the cells.

At night, plants use oxygen to produce energy that is why it is recommended not to keep plants in a room with insufficient ventilation.

Scientists estimate that the planet Earth is covered by more than 315,000 species of plant which silently hold an upper hand above other terrestrial creatures of the world.

Scientists say professional astronauts, divers and mountain climbers use oxygen gas in cylinders.

Carbon dioxide which is present in the air is 0.03 percent, this gas is made up of two elements which are carbon and oxygen. This gas is odorless and colorless.

Respiration of organisms produces carbon dioxide, this gas is produced in the activities of fermentation, combustion and decomposition of substances.

Likewise, carbon dioxide gas is produced in the laboratory by mixing carbonate compounds with acids. This gas is important in the synthesis of food and plants. Plants use carbon dioxide gas and sunlight to synthesize food.

Carbon dioxide helps freeze things in refrigerators, also carbon dioxide is kept in cylinders for extinguishing fires.

Also, making saline fertilizers, carbon dioxide from yeast respiration is used in bakeries and at home to make dough rise.

In addition, this gas is used in industries to process various types of drinks such as soda and juice. In these times, there is an increase in the production of carbon dioxide gas from factories and from various human activities.

When carbon dioxide gas is produced in large quantities it causes an impact on the environment. Trees help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the environment.

With this now in our minds, we should plant more trees and avoid deforestation that does not take into account the balance between harvesting and planting.

It is important to ensure that more trees are planted than trees are harvested. Carbon dioxide forms a film in the air that prevents heat from being lost to the surface.

This situation causes an increase in global temperature and climate change, the increase in temperature causes the ice to melt, thus increasing the depth of water in the sea.

Nitrogen gas is present in a large amount in the air compared to other gases. Nitrogen makes up 78 percent of all gases in the air.

This gas is produced from geological activities, agriculture, livestock, and urban waste. Nitrogen gas is important in the production of proteins in plants and animals.

This gas is converted by organisms such as bacteria present in the soil into elements or compounds, these elements are absorbed with water through the roots and used to fertilize plants.

If there is a lack of nitrogen in the soil, the plants grow slowly and become stunted then they produce little as their leaves turn yellow.

Nitrogen gas is used to make industrial saline fertilizers such as urea, DAP, NPK, SA and CAN. Nitrogen is used to make various dyes and nylon.

Also, nitrogen is used in hospitals to store various things such as sperm and reproductive eggs, cells, blood vessels. Nitrogen gas is also used to keep things at a certain temperature.

Argon is another typed of air which is poisonous gas and found in the air. Argon and other gases of its nature make up 0.90 percent of the air. This gas is called inert gas because it does not mix with other elements to form compounds.

Argon gas is odorless and colorless, it is used in electric lamps and fluorescent tubes. Argon is also used in cutting and welding steel in vehicles such as cars.

Scientists say water exists in three states which are solid, liquid and gas or steam. Water vapor is found in the air in different amounts depending on the location.

Steam comes from water like sea, lake, river and any place where water gathered. Plants lose water in the form of vapor and go to the atmosphere.

When the vapor reaches the air, it condenses and forms droplets that fall as rain. Animals also lose water in the form of vapor through sweat and respiration.



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