Thank you Tanzania!

Türkiye has been hit by two major earthquakes at magnitudes of 7,7 and 7,6 respectively on 6 February 2023. In the aftermath of the earthquake, the region was shaken by over 6.000 aftershocks. 10 cities in the southeast of Türkiye have been affected devastatingly by the earthquake where a total of 14 million people live. It is not only the power of the earthquake that resulted in massive devastation, the incident occurred at 04:17 when people were at home and sleeping.

Several major earthquakes have taken place in Türkiye before, which lies on crucial fault lines. However, these earthquakes have resulted in the most destructive natural disaster that has taken place in the last century in Türkiye. Over 50 thousand people have lost their lives, more than 115 thousand people have been injured. Almost 300 thousand buildings have become uninhabitable.

Immediately after the earthquakes, Turkish Government mobilized all its capacity to initiate search and rescue operations and called for international help. In the effort to provide food, shelter and relief to quake affected Turkish citizens, around 650.000 tents and more than 50.000 container homes have been set up, millions of blankets, hundreds of thousands of tents, tons of food and other relief material have been distributed so far. Despite cold weather conditions, Türkiye has been taking every step to remove the rubble and to meet the needs of earthquake victims.

The cost of the destruction caused by the earthquake is considered to reach approximately 104 billion US dollars.

Türkiye has been at the forefronts in helping those in need all over the world for many years. Throughout history, Turkish nation have rushed to provide aid to anyone without making any distinctions, regardless of their faith, race, origin or language. Now it is time to help Türkiye. We received 11,320 foreign personnel from 90 countries after the earthquake. Material aid from nearly 130 countries reached to earthquake victims.

I have personally witnessed the solidarity and support shown by the Government of United Republic of Tanzania and Tanzanian people. Right after the earthquake, President Samia Suluhu Hassan has shared a message of condolences for the victims of earthquake. Minister of Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation, Dr. Stergomena L. Tax, visited our Embassy to show the solidarity of Tanzanian government and to sign the book of condolences. Furthermore, we received many calls and messages from Tanzanian people who wanted to share their sorrow and solidarity with us.

On 23 March, Tanzanian government donated 1 million US dollars to the earthquake efforts. On behalf of myself, my Embassy, my country and Turkish nation, I would like to express my gratitude to Tanzanian government and Tanzanian people for their solidarity, support, brotherhood and kindness during this difficult time. The contributions from Tanzania are an affirmation of the historical and cultural relations and friendly ties between the people of Türkiye and Tanzania.

With all respect.

  • Dr Mehmet Güllüoğlu is the Ambassador of Türkiye to Tanzania


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