TGU commits to support Lina Cup Golf Tour

TANZANIA Golf Union (TGU) has apologised to the Said Nkya family and assured them of the good corporation in fulfilling their plan to organise the Lina Nkya Memorial Golf tournament, ‘The Lina Cup’.

The first Lina Cup event of its kind meant to commemorate the life of a former national team member, Lina Nkya, was scheduled to be held from 11-13 November last year, but the family had to cancel at the last moment due to reasons beyond their control.

But, TGU Chairman Gilman Kasiga said in Dar es Salaam this week that they regret not fulfilling the family’s wish, but he assure them of a good corporation in the future and honour Lina as she deserved it.

Kasiga said: “Lina has been one of the national ladies’ golf team founders and has done well in the game. On behalf of TGU I apologise for any inconvenience, I assure you that we are together and ready to corporate anytime would want to organise the same.”

Lina Cup was planned in The Ryder Cup format battle between two Dar es Salaam clubs; Tanzania People’s Defence Forces (TPDF) Lugalo golf club and the Dar es Salaam Gymkhana Club (DGC).

Lina’s daughter Yasmin Chali was quoted as saying they wanted to honour her mother by involving the two clubs that Lina played for most of her lifetime; DGC and Lugalo Golf Club.

She said the clubs would pick their best teams which contain 36 amateurs, 4 pros, and 12 caddies.

The format is similar to that of The Ryder Cup ‘Match Play’ rules where opponents from the 2 clubs go head-to-head per hole and knock each other out before at the end of 18th hole.

Prior to cancellation, 12 Dar-based professional golfers were already playing the first qualifying battle a best 8 could form two teams of four players each to represent two clubs.

Salum Dilunga had fired an impressive one under 71 shots to lead by a shot after the first round of the Memorial pros’ qualifier at the Lugalo course.

Lina was among the first Lady golfers in Tanzania, a sport that was dominated by non-Tanzanian males. She broke this stigma on the green and encouraged dozens of Tanzanian women and Africans at large to partake in golf as a recreational and professional sport.

She was also the Co-Founder of the famous KOBE Golf Tournament that ran for over 11 years.


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