Temeke organises five days business festival 

TEMEKE in collaboration with TAMAMU Company has launched a business festival aimed at showing the district potential businesspersons.

The district is organising the festival in collaboration with various partners including Azania Bank, Faras App and Akiba Bank.

The five-day festival is slated to start next Saturday and offers over 865 commercial opportunities while will provide training to 3,500 young people.

The Temeke District Commissioner Ms Mwanahamisi Munkunda said the festival offers the opportunity to not only the Temeke people but also Dar es Salaam in general to identify business prospects available in the district.

“It is time for all business people, young or adult to learn, know and see the various economic opportunities available in the district,” she said.

The festival will make it easier for business owners to know how to manage their businesses properly through three days of training and understand how to market their products.

“This training will expand the scope of the business, especially since the council has been allocating 10 per cent of its revenue to development but many beneficiaries have had repeated businesses so the training will help to highlight other opportunities that Temeke youth can use,” Ms Munkunda said.

Speaking on the occasion the Executive Director of TAMAMU Mr James Mgeni said young people should contribute to the festival and ensure they are economically active and solve their economic problems.

“It is very important that the members of our district and the surrounding community come to visit the festival and also to get training for their benefit,” Mr Mgeni said.

Mr Mgeni said NIDA and RITA will offer services including issuing national ID and obtaining birth and death information as well as getting business licenses on the spot.

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