Temeke hospital to conduct blood donation to boost supply  

DAR ES SALAAM: TEMEKE Regional Referral Hospital plans to conduct a blood donation exercise which aims at collecting more than 360 units of blood under the National Safe Blood Programme.

Speaking during the launch of the blood donation programme, the hospital’s Director, Dr Joseph Kimaro said that the blood donation is crucial to ensure the availability of the life serving liquid in the hospital, especially for emergency cases.

“The National Safe Blood Programme aims at ensuring the availability of safe blood, improve blood management and ensure the safety of donors and blood recipients. It is essential to encourage the community to participate in this blood donation exercise to save lives and ensure an adequate blood reserve in the hospital,” said Dr Kimaro.

Additionally, Dr Kimaro stated that the blood donation exercise is scheduled to take place on August 12 this year at Madenge Primary School grounds in Temeke.

“Blood donation can reduce the risk of heart diseases. Some studies have shown that both men and women who donate blood regularly have a lower likelihood of developing heart diseases,” narrated Dr Kimaro.

On the other hand, Amiri Semvua, a representative from NMB Bank, mentioned that collaboration between public institutions like banks and hospitals can help raise awareness and educate the public about the importance of donating blood to patients.

“During the implementation of this blood donation programme, the community is expected to witness unique benefits in improving healthcare services and saving the lives of patients. This collaboration confirms the social responsibility of public institutions in enhancing the health and well-being of the community,” said Semvua.

Moreover, he added, blood donation is a humanitarian matter that requires the participation of the entire community to ensure availability of safe blood for needy patients.

Juhudi Nyambuka, a Health Officer at Temeke Referral Hospital, stated that the public is being informed about the significance of participating in the blood donation drive to improve healthcare services and save lives.

“This drive can succeed through community cooperation and support and we expect to see positive outcomes in the availability of safe blood at Temeke Referral Hospital,” explained Nyambuka.

She said that the prospect of witnessing positive outcomes in the availability of safe blood at Temeke Regional Referral Hospital demonstrates the institution’s dedication to provide excellent healthcare services. The effectiveness of this blood donation drive will bring significant benefits to patients and the community as a whole.

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