Tembo Warriors hailed, strike gold

THE government has hailed brave Tembo Warriors for the impressive performance in the just ended Amputee Football World Cup finals in Ankara, Turkey.

Tembo Warriors reached the quarter final stage of the World Cup and they went on to beat Italy in the Classification play- off to end 7th out of 24 countries engaged in this year’s World Cup.

The Permanent Secretary Hassan Abbas has conveyed the government’s congratulation saying they were brilliant despite making a maiden entry to the event.

Tembo Warriors beat Italy 2-0 in their last game and the win saw them ranked seventh in the world rankings.

Abassi, who was with a team in Turkey, made the remarks before jetting back to Tanzania with the team from Turkey, adding that six Tembo Warriors players have already  sealed deals with various European clubs.

“Our team defeated Italy 2-0 and seized the seventh place.

For that reason, Tanzania is ranked among the top ten teams in the world, being in seventh place.”

The PS also thanked all Tanzanian football fans for their support during the competitions.

“Our team has shown great potential; we thank the Tanzanians here in Istanbul who have been cheering for our team.

Other than securing the quarter-finals stage and our team entering the top ten world rankings, several players have already signed contracts to play in major European leagues, including Turkey.

We have six players who have found a club; three have already signed contracts with their respective clubs.”

Other than commending the team’s performance, the World Amputee Football Federation General Secretary, Simon Baker, also hailed Tembo Warriors through his Instagram page.

It was a delight to see Baker touch with Tembo Warriors’ incredible performance as he remarked: “I am so proud of you…you have gone farther  than any other team which have been playing these game for a while now.”

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