Tembo Nickel-led socioeconomic projects transform people’s lives in Ngara

SOCIO-ECONOMIC projects run by the Tembo Nickel mining company have benefited several residents in Ngara District.

One of projects is the recently constructed maternity Ward at Bugarama Ward.

The ward has been a saviour to the residents, especially pregnant women at the area. Several women had to travel a distance of 30 kilometres to seek medical service.

Dr Paschal Manyungu, the Officer-in charge of  Bugarama Dispensary, explained that within 54 days after completion of the maternity ward at least 104 pregnant women had safe deliveries.

Tembo Nickel recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Ngara District Council worth 257.69m/- for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects that will be supported in 2023.

The significant commitment comes in less than a month since Tembo Nickel handed over last year’s projects worth 208m/- to Ngara DC.

Tembo Nickel Site General Manager, Mr Manny Ramos explained that the company has always been committed to ensuring that communities surrounding the mine benefit from mining activities.

“We have not begun production yet, nor are we making any profit, but we aim to continue to support areas of priority to the best of our ability that have been identified by our communities and stakeholders,” he said.

Adding: “The Company will continue to cooperate and identify areas which need close involvement with government, to ensure sustainable development of the communities and the country in general. Tembo Nickel will support ten projects, of which nine will be in the education sector and one in health.”

Tembo Nickel has long held the firm belief that education is a cornerstone for Tanzanian’s development. 11 classrooms were recently constructed with 160 desks and chairs manufactured at Mukivumu, Gwenzaza, Muganza and Nyabihanga primary schools, thus enabling pupils to study in a conducive environment.

Under the health sector, three projects were to improve health facilities’ infrastructure, medical equipment and medical supplies. The company also supported the training of Community Health Workers (CWs) in nine villages and provided them with 18 bicycles to enable them to reach communities at the grassroots level.

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