Tembo Nickel assures compensation payment

KAGERA: THE compensation process to Kabanga Nickel Project Affected Persons (PAP) will start upon completion of the ongoing exercise involving entitlement briefing and compensation agreement signing, it has been disclosed.

Tembo Nickel Country Manager, Mr Benedict Busunzu told the “Sunday News” in an interview that before compensation is made, all the affected persons will receive financial literacy training which will be followed by opening special bank accounts, specifically joint accounts through which compensation payments will be made.

“The ongoing exercise right now involves entitlement briefing and compensation agreement signing (CAS) among the affected persons. All the affected persons will also receive financial literacy training which will be followed by opening special bank accounts.”

Four Legal Officers from TANLAP have been assigned specifically to assist the families to understand the contents of the contract,” he said.

Adding… “we know that some people have bank accounts but we want to ensure that all the money dished out as compensation reaches the affected person. These are special accounts whereby the company will bear all the bank charges,” he said.

Mr Busunzu revealed that approximately 30bn/- had been allocated for compensation payments to the approximately 1,300 Project Affected Persons.

He listed the 11 villages surrounding the mine to include Bugarama, Rwinyana, Nyabihanga, Muganza, Mukubu, Mumiramira, Bukiriro, Muyenzi, Rulenge, Mukalinzi and Nyarulama.

Elaborating, he said the Project Affected Persons will be shifted to eight villages, namely Magamba, Nyakafandi 1, Nyakafandi 2, Burinda, Kazingati, Ruhuba, Mbuba and Mukiga.

During his recent tour of Ngara District, the Deputy Minister for Minerals, Dr Steven Kiruswa expressed satisfaction on the implementation of the Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) by Tembo Nickel’s Kabanga Nickel project.

Mr Busunzu informed him that Tembo Nickel Corporation Limited is working towards delivering the RAP as per national and international standards in order to ensure the rights of the Project Affected Persons in Ngara are respected and protected.

Deputy Minister Kiruswa explained that he was impressed to learn that the Project Affected Persons will be compensated in a manner that will not leave them destitute.

Adding…. “The arrangement to deposit 100 per cent of the funds in their bank accounts, but with a limitation to withdraw up to 60 per cent before they are relocated and 40 per cent after relocation is highly recommended,” he said.

However, he appealed to the Project Affected Persons who will get compensation to utilise well the money for economic development and avoid lavish spending simply because they have money in their pockets.

“The intention of the government is to ensure that each Project Affected Person is compensated fairly before their land is acquired.  We also understand that mining of nickel in Ngara will benefit the whole nation. This is a large and strategic project that is expected to have tremendous economic impact,” Dr Kiruswa said.

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