Tea firm properties auctioned for failure to remit employees contributions

RIFT Valley Tea Solution properties have been auctioned for failure to remit employees’ monthly contributions to the NSSF Pension fund worth 226m/-.

The Executive Director of Freedom Path Tanzania, Court Brokerage Company, Mr Deusdedit Kabunduguru said that in the case the claimant was the Board of Trustees of the NSSF against Rift Valley Tea Solution who failed to submit employees’ contributions and the court awarded the Fund to compensate.

“This public auction is implemented based on the instructions of the Temeke District Court in Dar es Salaam, in case number 93/2022, whereby the claimant was the NSSF Board against Rift Valley Tea Solution where the claimant failed to submit employees’ contributions and NSSF decided to file a case in Court so that the employees’ contributions could be recovered,” he said.

Mr Kabunduguru said that NSSF was demanding contributions amounted to 226m/- where the company had not remitted contributions for more than three years.

Speaking on behalf of the NSSF Pension Fund, Mr Geofrey Sikira, who is the Fund’s Advocacy Manager, urged all employers to respect the rule of law by submitting employee contributions to avoid such inconveniences in future.

“I urge all employers in the private sector to obey the law by remitting contributions of their employees on time so that they can continue with various production activities in their companies,” he said.

Mr Sikira explained that the employer should submit employees’ contributions every month and that if he stays for six months without submitting such contributions, the employer becomes a debtor, so legal measures are taken, including being brought to Court.

On his part, Ramadhani Juma who won the auction said he bought the plant for 167m/- and that it is going to increase the chain value of tea production in his company and he expects to have good sales in the international market.

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