TCRA urged to equip its manpower with modern skills

ZANZIBAR Minister for Construction, Communications and Transport, Dr Khalid Salum Mohamed has urged the Tanzania Communications Authority (TCRA) to raise the standards of its manpower with ability to control online security violations.

Speaking when he visited the authority over the weekend in Dar es Salaam, Dr Mohamed said technology has been changing rapidly and brought about many challenges facing the communication sector.

“TCRA must invest on your people to get international professional trainings so that you can control these errors and reduce losses in the country.

“It is important that the community is educated about the cyber disasters and how it is endangering country’s security and when the communication systems in one part of the country is being damaged, it means that the communication of the whole country is disrupted,” said Dr. Mohamed.

He also explained that the authority expected to enter into an agreement with the Zanzibar Standards Organization (ZBS) for the inspection of imported communication equipment.

In addition, he said that TCRA in collaboration with the Universal Communication Fund (UCSAF) have built 42 communication towers in all islands, thus helped to address the communication challenges for the residents of those areas.

“We should continue to cooperate improve the welfare of the communication sector because it belongs to the union, so the available resources should be used to develop the community by building a strong economy and bringing development.

You should also see how to implement the blue economy policy to ensure that all citizens have access to good communication,” he said.

On his part, the Director General of TCRA, Dr Jabir Bakari said that they will continue to ensure that they provide professional advice to telephone companies in order to provide better communication services.

Dr Bakari said that there were two areas of the union that the authority handles including communication and post which should produce positive results in the blue economy and the digital economy.

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