TCRA set to license courier service providers

Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA) plans license courier services providers in the country so that they can contribute in economic development.

The initiative will start by providing education to all private courier services providers who ship letters and parcels in intra city, intercity and foreign countries.

TCRA East and Coastal Zone Manager Mr Ikuja Jumanne said in Dar es Salaam at the weekend that currently there are more than 90 registered private courier services providers in his area, but it there are more unregistered and unlicensed people carrying such businesses.

“Doing courier businesses without a license denies government of its revenues and hampers the sector’s growth and contribution to the economy,” he said.

He said that receiving and sending parcels without official registration and license may land such traders into traps of shipping prohibited materials like illegal drugs.

Mr Jumanne also called for the members of the public wishing to send parcels, to make sure do so through licensed service providers who can be held accountable in case of damages or losses.

He said that TCRA has decided to first reach and provide education to unlicensed private courier services providers on the importance of obeying the law, after which, it will start enforcement of legal compliance.

Defaults the Postal Communication Regulatory act among parcel transporters may have one end up paying hefty fines or even be sentenced to jail by the court of law.

Some of the private parcel transporters include bus owners, aviation companies, truck cargo transporters and motorcyclists in various cities and towns.

One of the employee of an upcountry bus, Ms Magreth Kibiki expressed worries about people not owning transportation facilities like up country buses being granted parcels shipping licence by TCRA.

She pointed out on how it was difficult to control flow on courier services, as most people either hands their parcels to bus staff or just any passengers at agreed amount of money, while the bus owners know nothing about it.

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