TCRA pushes for communication services for economic boost

TANZANIA Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA) in Southern Zone has encouraged residents in Makambako to utilize communication services for boosting individual and national economy.

TCRA Southern Zonal Manager, Eng Asajile John encouraged the residents during a weekly auction held on Wednesday this week, at Makambako major market.

Eng John stated that communication services have simplified availability of various opportunities, including economic opportunities.

The zonal manager argued that the world has now gone digital, with most information on trade, market and agriculture available online, calling on citizens to take advantage of the opportunities.

He said currently information about improvement of agriculture, availability of markets for agricultural goods within and outside the country could be available online.

Eng John said the authority provided education on the importance of proper use of communication to residents of Makambako as part of a countrywide campaign dubbed ‘Kwea Kidijitali’ run by the TCRA.

On the other hand, he reminded the citizens to use their mobile phones with caution to avoid committing criminal offences.

He mentioned some of the scenarios that could lead to criminal offences as sending indecent materials on social media or using the phone in criminal incidents.

However, he said many citizens who use mobile phones for business purposes such as for finding customers have been doing great.

One of the residents, Mr Ezekia Sanga said education on proper use of telecommunication has made them aware of opportunities.

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