TCRA conquers Mount Kilimanjaro with .TZ message

KILIMANJARO, Moshi: As the country celebrated its 62nd anniversary, officials from the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) ascended to the pinnacle of Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro, to raise awareness about local domain name registration.

The mission to the roof of the continent, led by DOT TZ Champion, Mr. Simon Msafari Balthazar, a principal ICT officer at the regulatory body, who was accompanied by Public Relations Officer Alfa Wawa, reached the summit on Saturday, December 9, 2023, bearing the message of online identity and digital ownership.

This historic ascent underscores TCRA’s dedication to promoting the use of the .TZ domain name, serving as a distinctive identifier for Tanzanian websites and online services.

“Conquering Mount Kilimanjaro is a triumph of both physical and mental fortitude,” stated Mr. Balthazar shortly after reaching the summit.

The ICT expert added that the exercise epitomizes the dedication and commitment of TCRA to propel the adoption of the .TZ domain name.

“We firmly believe that every Tanzanian website and online service deserves a place on the global stage, and the .TZ domain provides the ideal platform for achieving this,” he said.

According to TCRA’s principal officer, those who decide to register their site under the .TZ domain will enjoy visibility for their businesses in the local market.

“Having a national domain name makes it convenient for your targeted audience to access your services or products, as search engines consistently prioritize suggesting businesses with local domain name addresses,” he emphasized.

Balthazar went on to say climbing the mountain serves as a powerful symbol of TCRA’s commitment to promoting digital inclusion and empowering Tanzanians to actively engage in the global digital economy.

“The .TZ domain name signifies a significant stride towards this objective, providing a platform for local businesses, organizations, and individuals to establish their online presence and contribute to the growth and development of Tanzania’s digital future,” he added.

On his part, TCRA Public Relations Officer Alfa Wawa said standing at the summit of Africa was just to remind the general public of the immense potential of Tanzania’s digital future.

“By embracing the .TZ domain, we can forge a robust and unified online identity for our nation, one that is acknowledged and respected worldwide,” he said.

The regulator’s head of communication and public relations, Mr. Rolf Kibaja, said TCRA encourages all Tanzanian individuals, businesses, and organizations to register their websites and online services using the .TZ domain name.

To complete the .TZ registration, he added, individuals need to visit the Karibu website, which provides detailed information on domain name registration.

“Registering your online service with a national domain name is safer,” he insisted.

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