TCCIA:  Africa’s free trade area to create wealth, jobs

TANZANIA: THE Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (TCCIA) on Thursday appealed to manufacturers and exporters to increase use of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), saying the trade bloc will help Tanzanians create wealth, jobs, increase foreign earnings and build up the national economy.

Speaking during a one-day training session of manufacturers and traders organised by the chamber, the Acting TCCIA Managing Director, Ms Mwanahamisi Hussein said the continental trade bloc offers many opportunities that Tanzanians cannot afford to miss.

“We are offering these training sessions to expose our manufacturers and traders to the benefits and opportunities found in the AfCFTA.

One of the many benefits is that the bloc increases markets for Tanzanian products and business are done without tariffs.

We strongly appeal to our exporters to use this bloc to strengthen our industrial base, create wealth, jobs, earn foreign currency and strengthen our national economy,” she said.

She explained that Tanzania wants to engage sincerely in continental and world trade instead of being on the receiving end.

“We want Tanzania to trade with other countries.  We do not want this country to be just an importer of products from outside. We want to export our products that are needed elsewhere, especially using this free trade area,” she said.

TCCIA has an obligation to support government efforts because, she said, the government is prioritising the moves and projects of the private sector.

Mr Joshua Zuberi, a seminar participant, said the session has exposed participants in a more vivid way to many opportunities found in the continental trade bloc, especially the zero-tariff feature.

He said that aspect benefits both Tanzanian exporters and their clients.

Another participant, Ms Maria Mtui, also praised the training session, saying it made them understand how the bloc operates and documents involved in doing trade within the bloc.

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