TCAA signs contract for installation of 9bn/- aeronautical system

DAR ES SALAAM: THE Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) has signed a contract with Indra Avitech GmbH worth 9bn/- for the installation of an Aeronautical Message Handling System (AHMS) in an effort to improve flight safety in the country’s airspace.

The agreement between the aviation authority and the German company is focused on enhancing numerous improvements from the current Aeronautical Information Services (AIS), which will be transformed into Aeronautical Information Management (AIM), a digital-based management communication system.

According to the TCAA, the contract is valid for 18 months, effective from September 23, this year.

Speaking during the event, TCAA Director General, Mr Hamza Johari said the motive behind the signing of the contract is to enhance digital innovation, specifically on improving the aeronautical communication systems to increase efficiency.

“As part of improving our communication in our airspace, we have granted the opportunity to this company to install this digital-based database which will improve our communication levels,” said Mr Johari.

Currently, TCAA has been managing its AI manually under the Notice to Air Missions systems (NOTAMs), relying on the manual publication of the communication documents for notification.

He said the agreement has been part of the AIM section’s deliberate plans to modernise its aeronautical information system by providing dynamic, integrated management through the provision and exchange of quality-assured digital aeronautical data.

He added that the authority has always been optimistic in enhancing communication advancements that comply with the global standards under the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) thus; having Indra Avitech will lead to more performances.

Tanzania will become among few countries in Africa that have installed the system which include Eswatini, Kenya, Uganda and South Africa.

On his part, Indra Avitech’s Project Manager, Mr Simon Livy Masike said the system would improve the country’s airspace and he promised effectiveness and optimism.

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