TBS told to conduct product verification timely

TANZANIA Bureau of Standards (TBS) has been urged there is a need to conduct product verifications in the required timeframe, to enable manufacturers and SMEs to get sustainable markets easily within and outside the country.

The Minister for Livestock and Fisheries, Mr Abdallah Ulega, made the remarks during the celebration of World Milk Day held in the Tabora Region recently.

He said TBS as the national standards entity, should conduct product confirmations, therefore, timely verification will enable the producers and entrepreneurs to get markets for their products.

“I urge the authority to make sure that the manufacturers and the SMEs obtain the quality of standard mark within the required time by following the guidelines set by TBS,” said Minister Ulega.

TBS’s Quality Control Officer, Mr Daniel Marwa, said the authority was pleased with the number of milk product manufacturers and the SMEs attending exhibitions to showcase their products, with most of their products having the TBS verification mark.

Mr Marwa said that the authority visited and provided them with education on how to produce quality products by complying with the required TBS standards to ensure their products do not contain substances that would affect human health.

“The reaction was good, a number of Small and Medium-sized Entrepreneurs attended to showcase their products… most of them verified their products, and those who did not, were given the education on the advantages of product verification including market sustainability”, said Mr Marwa.

Moreover, Mr Marwa stated that through the exhibition, TBS managed to give solutions to various challenges addressed by the public including, the knowledge of how to read the information written in various product packages to ensure that they don’t buy expired products.

He said such information is valuable to customers since they assure them that the product has been checked by the TBS and makes it easier for the customers to know whether the product is valid or expired.

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