TBS intensifies efforts to take counterfeits off shelves

Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) in the northern zone has intensified efforts to take counterfeit products off the shelves and called on the members of the public to examine the products’ information before buying.

TBS Northern Acting Manager, Mr Deogratius Ngatunga made the appeal in Tanga over the weekend after impounding and destroying expired products including cooking oil and juice worth 1.5m/-.

“Consumers are advised to read carefully the products information that contains manufacturing and expiry dates before buying or consuming to avoid foodborne diseases,” he said.

He also urged the public to provide information through the TBS customer services centre when they encounter cases of counterfeits and expiry goods in the market.

He said the move to impound and destroy expiry products aim at taking off counterfeits and low quality goods from the market to save consumers from foodborne diseases.

The Bureau said here on Wednesday evening that it will not relent in phasing out the substandard products from the market, further insisting that those found culpable will be brought to justice.

Mr Ngatunga appealed to business people to maintain the integrity by ensuring that goods imported and sell in the local markets meet the required quality standards including the dates of manufacturing and expiring.

He emphasized that TBS will continue to provide public education to enhance awareness on how to identify goods banned in the market.

“Business people should observe legal requirements on the conservation of products, ensuring that warehouses meet the required quality standards by obtaining TBS registration and certifications,” he added.

He said traders should remove from shelves all goods that have expired to protect consumers’ health from contaminating foodborne diseases.

Mr Ngatunga said the standard watchdog will continue monitoring products in the Tanzania market to ensure that they conform to relevant technical regulations concerning health, safety and environmental requirements, and to ensure that fair trade practices are promoted.

Some Tanga residents commended TBS for the efforts to remove counterfeits off shelves and those with toxic ingredients to protect consumers’ health.

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