TBS advises MSMEs on global standards

MICRO, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) have a huge chance to explore and penetrate a wide local and regional markets by raising the quality bar of their products to international standards.

To meet the required global standards, MSMEs need to acquire services issued by the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) including product verification and quality of trademark certificates.

TBS’s Senior Quality Control Officer, Mr Gerald Magola made the remarks recently during the African Food System Forum (AGRF) 2023 held in Dar es Salaam after discovering that several entrepreneurs fail to capitalise on markets due to low-quality products.

“Quality of product is a major key to any business success…in order to maintain markets, products must have reached the required standards to be able to penetrate the markets,” Mr Magola said.

He said it is important for the entrepreneurs to understand that the quality of a product is vital in the business such that verifying products will guarantee the product sustainability in markets and also will make commodities more competitive in the markets.

He added TBS’s involvement in the forum is to continue disseminating the knowledge on numerous activities conducted by the standard authority to enable the SMEs to flourish which is part of fulfilling its objectives.

“Our purpose of being here is to communicate with the public about TBS activities including product verifications, granting of quality of trademark licences and conducting of career training to the SMEs, especially food manufacturers,” he added.

The Bureau was established as part of the efforts by the government to strengthen the supporting institutional infrastructure for the industry and commerce sectors of the economy.

Specifically, TBS is mandated to undertake measures for quality control of products of all descriptions and to promote standardisation in industry and commerce.

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