TBPL to start producing biopesticides

Havana City, CUBA: TANZANIA Biotech Products Limited (TBPL) is set to start producing biopesticides this year to replace the use of poisonous pesticides which pose hazardous impacts to agro food safety in the country.

The statement was made recently by the Tanzanian Ambassador to Cuba, Mr Hamphrey Polepole in Havana City saying the government has secured an expert in Cuba who will join TBPL to pioneer the production of biopesticides.

“We have secured an expert for production of biopesticides, he is expected to arrive in the country by next week and will be stationed at the factory in Kibaha ready for production of biopesticides” Mr Polepole said.

He said basing on experience most farmers use poisonous pesticides to kill pests invading crops including beans, maize and cotton which poses health risks to consumers such as cancers among others diseases.

Mr Polepole called upon farmers across the country to prepare for use of biopesticides in the coming farming season which are friendly to food consumers since it has been approved by relevant authorities in the country.

Minister for Industry and Trade Dr Ashatu Kijaji said recently that the government has spent about 1.2b/- to upgrade the factory to increase efficiency.

She also directed the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) to provide certificate of proof to the factory which is crucial in making its products penetrate to the international markets.

Dr Kijaji said TBPL should start manufacturing biopesticides by next month which will be used by farmers across the country.

According to findings, biopesticides pose minimal dangers to individuals and the environment, making them a relatively safer alternative to chemical or chemical-derived pesticides.

They are pesticides derived from natural materials including animals, plants, fungi and microbes.

TBPL is a subsidiary company of National Development Corporation (NDC) that is engaged in the manufacturing of biological products located in the Coast Region.

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