TASWA picks ‘Jemedari’ to chair Best Athlete Awards Committee

THE Executive Committee of the Tanzania Sports Writers Association (TASWA) has appointed Jemedari Said as the Chairman of the TASWA Best Athlete Awards Committee.

TASWA has reinstated the presentation of its awards, which will occur monthly from July 2023 to June 2024. A grand award ceremony for all outstanding athletes in various sports for the year 2023/24 will follow, organized according to the directives of the TASWA Executive Committee.

Said, a former football player and professional sports journalist, is also a licensed football coach. He has served in various capacities, including being the Club Licensing Manager of the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) and the Development Officer of the TFF for four years.

He was also the Manager of the Azam FC team that won the Tanzanian Premier League in the 2012/2013 season. Said has been involved in various aspects of sports and is known for his keen interest in different sports.

The Vice-Chairman of the Awards Committee will be Mbonile Burton, who has previously served as the President of the Tanzania Ladies Golf Union (TLGU) and is a specialist in sports such as tennis, cricket, squash, table tennis, archery, and athletics.

The committee’s Secretary will be Ramadhan Mbwaduke, an experienced sports journalist with over 20 years of editorial experience and expertise in various sports.

The committee members include Tullo Chambo, Wilson Oruma, Patrick Nyembera, Evance Mhando, Amry Masare, Aaron Mpanduka, Ramadhani Mwelondo, Cosmas Mlekani, Adam Lutta, Gift Macha, Charles Abel, Paschal Kabombe, Mussa Mwakisu, Anuary Binde,

Rahel Pallangyo, Tagato James, Ezekiel Ombopo, Alex Luambano, Faustine Felician, Abisay Stephen, Abdul Mkeyenge, Yusuph Badi, Omary Katanga, Irene Kilango, Athanas Kazige, Suleiman Jongo, Fatma Chikawe, and Abdallah Ibrahim.

TASWA’s mission is to ensure that all sports recognized by the National Sports Council (BMT) are monitored and that deserving athletes are acknowledged and honored. The committee’s launch will take place later this week.

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