TASWA Media Bonanza organised in Dar

DAR ES SALAAM: Tanzania Sports Writers Association (TASWA) organised a special bonanza aiming at bringing together sports stakeholders and all journalists to exchange ideas as well as having fun.

According to a statement issued by the association’s General Secretary Mr Alfred Lucas on Friday in Dar es Salaam, the sports event dubbed ‘TASWA Media Bonanza’ will be held in Tanzania’s business city on December 9, 2023.

“In the past we used to bring all journalists together every year through Media Day Bonanza, but the routine did not continue in the recent years due to various reasons. But seeing the importance of the matter, our new leadership has worked on it and talked to various stakeholders who have agreed to sponsor the occasion and we are at the final stages of our discussions,” Mr Alfred said in a statement.

Mr Alfred expressed his optimism that the event will fill the long-time desire of journalists to meet together and exchange ideas and that they are still undergoing preparations for the event including getting the representation of some journalists from the regions.

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