TASAF beneficiaries advised on entrepreneurship groups

TANZANIA Social Action Fund (TASAF) beneficiaries in Kinondoni Municipal Council have been advised to join entrepreneurship groups to help themselves economically.

The advice was issued on Sunday in Dar es Salaam by the TASAF Community Development Officer Ms Eva Mgongolwa when she visited Samzija group of entrepreneurship at Bunju.

“I advise all TASAF beneficiaries to join the entrepreneurship groups to start a business that will help them to boost their income and get out of poverty,” said Ms Mgongolwa.

Ms Mgongolwa said that despite the challenges faced by the entrepreneurs, TASAF will continue to help all the groups where by now Kinondoni Municipal Council has more than 180 groups of entrepreneurs.

She also congratulated the Samzija group for the good work they are doing by starting a vegetable garden project which has been of great benefit to the members.

On her side, the Samzija group caretaker Ms Dorah Mbogo said, unity and cooperation is the greatest strength that will help to strengthen and bring progress in their group and the community in general.

Ms Mbogo said in their group, they have been able to save 2m/- which helped them to start a vegetable garden business, pieces of clothes (vitenge, Kanga) that they have been lending to each other and the rest they sell to the market.

“As a group care,  I advise all women, not to give up due to challenges, not to see them as an obstacle to their failure, when you fall, you have to get up and continue the journey,” said Ms Dorah.

Also, the group chairperson Ms Anna Ramadhani said the group started in August this year when TASAF educated them on how to run their businesses.

At the same time, TASAF visited the ‘Upendo’ group in Magomeni, who are engaged in lending tarpaulin, chairs, bodaboda, cups and plates.

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