TASAC encourages investors to invest in maritime tourism

THE Tanzania Shipping Agency Corporation (TASAC) has called on investors to invest in the country’s maritime tourism and transportation sector.

TASAC Director General, Kaimu Mkeyenge made the call on Friday at the ongoing 47th Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair (DITF).

He said: “Tanzania is a safe and attractive place to invest, with a wide range of opportunities in the maritime transportation sector. The country has a long coastline and a number of major ports, making it an ideal location for businesses that operate in the shipping and logistics industries,” he said.

The Director-General added that there was a wide range of areas with great potential for lucrative businesses to boost the country’s economy.

He said this year’s theme of the international trade fair which says, ‘Tanzania is a good and safe place for business,’ compliments the investment environment in marine transportation which is also safe.

He said that the theme is in line with the corporation’s responsibilities of supervising investors in the maritime sector to meet the laws, regulations and safety guidelines.

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