Tanzania’s diaspora remittances hit 2.6tri/-

Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation, Ambassador Mbarouk Nassor Mbarouk has said Tanzania diaspora’s remittances has increased to 2.6tri/-.

The amount was remitted in the last calendar year, the lawmakers were told in Dodoma.

Meanwhile, the Tanzanians living abroad have injected a total of worth 4.4bn/- in the real estate sector and invested 2.5bn/- through acquisition of shares from different companies.

“They have been contributing a lot by bringing foreign currency (remitters), expertise and technology that can promote the production of various products and services in the country,” the Minister says.

The Minister was forced to reveal this when reacting to Mikumi MP, Dennis Londo’s question sought to know the total number of Tanzania’s living abroad and their contribution to the country’s development.

The Ambassador Mbarouk said a total number of Tanzanians living abroad is 1.5 million and that the government is completing the Diaspora Digital Hub which will simplify their enrollment.

“This hub will be completed in June 2023, and it will also facilitate the continuous collection of diaspora statistics,” he added.

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