Tanzania to launch inclusive CHWs programme

SWITZERLAND, Geneva TANZANIA is intending to  launch  an inclusive  programme  of using  Community Health Workers  (CHWs) with the aim of  speeding up  access  to better  health services  for all  especially at  primary  health facilities.

This was revealed recently by Minister for Health Ms Ummy Mwalimu in Geneva, Switzerland while taking part in a virtual meeting organised by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in collaboration with the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) on implementation of Monrovia Declaration (2023) priorities on Community Health Workers’ Roadmap.

The declaration calls on governments, donors and others to train, pay, adequately supply and support community health workers (CHWs).

CHWs come from (or are linked to) the communities they serve but they have less training than nurses and doctors, and they are often able to reach people that other health professionals can’t because they are known and trusted.

“This programme is expected to commence this financial year 2023/2024, and it targets to reach 12,318 villages and 4,263 streets and 64,384 hamlets across the country.

The meeting involved Ministers for Health, senior government officials from the health sector from 16 African countries and Asia as well as international organisations.

The conference discussed how to increase financial resources, efficiency and productivity in the implementation of the projects using CHWs.

Meanwhile, the Minister said the programme will also speed up eradication of HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis (TB) and Malaria.

Ms Mwalimu made the remarks when she met and held talks with Global Fund Chief Financial Officer Ada Faye in Geneva, Switzerland.

Minister Mwalimu met Mr Faye with the aim of briefing him on the implementation of the projects funded by the Global Fund and indicators of HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria.

He informed Mr Faye that Tanzania is expecting to launch an inclusive programme of CHWs which is expected to speed up eradication of HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria.

On his part, Faye commended Tanzania for reducing new infections and deaths related to HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria and meet the targeted   indicators on time.

“The Global Fund expects that  Tanzania will use  the grant  of 1.5tri/-  in a period between 2024 and 2026  for execution of  strategic priorities  and address  challenges  in the fight against HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria,” he said.

Through their talks, the Global Fund recipient countries have been urged to ensure that the funds reach the intended beneficiaries.

Faye said that the Fund is ready to cooperate with Tanzania in the implementation of its inclusive programme of CHWs.

Minister Ummy assured him that Tanzania will continue to cooperate with the international community and all stakeholders in order to meet its target of universal health.

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