Tanzania set to sign 1.34tri/- mega roads construction

DODOMA: TANZANIA will soon record yet another milestone in the road construction sector after the government hinted yesterday that it plans to put pen to paper about 15 different projects valued at 1.34tril/-.

The Minister for Transport, Innocent Bashungwa revealed the government’s plan in the august Assembly yesterday when responding to a supplementary question by Busokelo Member of Parliament (MP), Atupele Mwakibete who had wanted to know when the contract for the construction of Katumba – Mbambo-Tukuyu would be signed, insisting that the contractor for the project had already been obtained.

In response, the minister said that preparations for the signing of 15 mega road constructions were in top gear and that his ministry was planning to invite the country’s top leader to grace the event, adding that the projects sought to boost ongoing initiatives to strengthen the country’s infrastructures.

This will be the second time the country is signing roads construction pacts seeking to open the country and catalyse the economy.

On June 16, the government through the Tanzania Roads Agency (TANROADS) signed seven different contracts for construction of 2,035 kilometre roads valued at 3.8tri/-. The roads are currently being constructed through Engineering, Procurement, Construction Plus

Financing (EPC+F)

The roads which are currently under construction include: Kidatu – Ifakara – Lupiro – Malinyi – Kilosa Kwa Mpepo – Londo – Lumecha/Songea (435.8km); Arusha – Kibaya – Kongwa (453.42km); Handeni – Kiberashi – Kijungu – Kibaya – Njoro – Olboroti – Mrijo Chini – Dalai – Bicha – Chambolo – Chemba – Kwa Mtoro – Singida (384.33km).

Others are Igawa – Songwe – Tunduma (four-lane) (237.9km); Masasi – Nachingwea – Liwale (175km); Karatu – Mbulu – Haydom – Sibiti River – Lalago – Maswa (339km) and Mafinga – Mtwango – Mgololo (81km).

However, yesterday, Mr Bashungwa did not divulge into details on the roads that will be constructed concurrently in the yet to be signed 1.34tril/- contracts.

However, when responding to the main question posed by Mr Mwakibete, Deputy Minister in the ministry, Engineer Godfrey Kasekenya said: “the contractor for the Katumba – Mbambo-Tukuyu has already been obtained and procurement procedures to upgrade part of the Katumba – Lupaso (35.3km) and Kibanja – Tukuyu (20.7km) have been completed, the next stage is signing of the contract,’’ he noted.

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