Tanzania reaffirms commitment to combat all forms of cybercrime  

Moscow, Russia: TANZANIA has reaffirmed its commitment and joint efforts in combating all forms of cybercrime perpetrated through Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Communication and Information Technology Mr Selestine Kakele gave the assurance at the 17th International Forum of the National Association of International Information Security (NAIIS) that is going on in Moscow, Russia. The three-day forum opened on Monday.

“Tanzania acknowledges the collective efforts made by various nations and international partners in preventing the misuse of ICT for criminal activities. Tanzania has significantly focused on strengthening institutional and legal frameworks aimed at preventing and combating cybercrime.

“Among measures we have taken include the development of a National Cybersecurity Strategy, the enactment of robust cybersecurity laws, and the enhancement of cooperation between government institutions, the private sector, and international partners for the exchange of information and expertise in addressing cyber threats,” emphasised Mr Kakele.

Furthermore, he said the government recognises the critical role of information and communication technology in social, economic, and political development.

“We encourage increased collaboration between countries and international organisations to formulate and implement strategies for countering cyber threats and building legal and technical capacity,” stated Kakele.

The forum gathered member state authorities, civil societies, and business community to try to find the pathway for the cyber threats’ free world.

The deputy PS proposed two means for realising working cooperation that would make it easier to track and cracking down of the cyber threats in the world.

“We in Tanzania are proposing for each state to develop strong cyber laws, legislative and institutional frameworks to ensure they don’t provide a safe haven for criminals to perpetuate their crimes such as raising discontent and will for unlawful purposes, hate speech, publication of false information, racist or xenophobic materials under the pretext of freedom of speech and expression.

“We also call on states to put in place necessary measures and mechanisms to enhance collaboration and transfer of knowledge, technology, resources and expertise from developed countries to developing countries, this is a shared responsibility Mr chair,” he insisted.

Expressing the importance of collaboration, Kakele emphatically said, “We are traversing through the same vessel, Mr Chair, unless we work together, we are all bound to sink.”

Tanzania also expressed its appreciation to Russia for hosting this significant forum.

“We take pride in being part of this international community that promotes cooperation in combating cybercrime,” concluded Mr Kakele.

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