Tanzania ranked 2nd in tobacco production in Africa

TANZANIA: Tanzania has been mentioned as the second largest producer of Tobacco in Africa for the year 2022/2023.

Minister for Agriculture, Hussein Bashe made the statement on his X account (initially Twitter) adding that the country’s production of the crop has increased from 50,000 tonnes to 122,858 tonnes in 2023/2024.

He further said that reaching December last year, the export value of tobacco was 316 million USD dollars towards the goal of reaching 400 million USD dollars.

Mr Bashe noted that for the 2024/2025 season they are optimistic to reach 200,000 tonnes against the target is 300,000 by 2025/26.

According to the minister, Zimbabwe takes the lead by producing 296,000 tonnes, followed by Tanzania, Malawi (121,000 tonnes), Mozambique (65,800 tonnes), Zambia (44,000 tonnes) and Uganda (13, 000 tonnes) in the list.

He applauded the farmers associations as well as Tobacco Companies in the country stating that for the first time more than 50 per cent of tobacco has been bought and sold abroad 100 per cent by local companies.

“It was not an easy journey. I thank all the Tobacco Board workers, we dreamed, we did it, keep pushing. We will become Africa’s No 1 producer,” the minister pointed out.

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