Tanzania nods on nuclear energy project

 RUSSIA, ST PETERSBURG With the goal of bolstering economic growth, improving the quality of life for its citizens living below the poverty line, and securing its position as a prominent player in the global nuclear energy sector, Tanzania’s intends to invest on nuclear, a plan which is said that it would be potentially shape the East Africa country’s future.

The announcement came forth from Tanzania’s Minister for Minerals, Dr Doto Biteko, during the ‘Cooperation in Science and Technology’ panel discussion titled ‘Nuclear Technologies for the Development of the African Region.

“For us, nuclear energy is something new, however the work on our uranium resource is currently underway – we have been dealing with this project for several years. And we hope to see its development and significant investments very soon…

“…Demands are growing, everything is changing. As Food security issues need to be addressed, we want to consider a mix of combinations of several types of energy. We plan to reach the level of 10% our country’s GDP from the mining industry in 2025 and Uranium mining is one of the elements to achieve this goal,” said Dr Biteko.

Despite Tanzania being renowned for its diverse wildlife and breath-taking landscapes, has emerged with an ambition to install a nuclear plant.

Alexey Likhachev, Director General of Russia’s State Atomic Energy Corporation (Rosatom), expressed his confidence in Africa’s potential for power generation capacity in the coming decades.

According to him, Africa’s rapid population growth and increasing energy demands have made the continent a focal point for nuclear energy development.

Tanzania uranium reserves have long been identified in various regions of the country including Namtumbo (Mkuju), Bahi, Galapo, Minjingu, Mbulu, Simanjiro, Lake Natron, Manyoni, Songea, Tunduru, Madaba, and Nachingwea.

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