Tanzania is safe – Govt

THE government has dismissed false claims being spread by some foreign institutions and companies that there is civil unrest in Tanzania.

“The government of Tanzania has noted with great concern the false claims being spread by some foreign institutions and companies that there is civil unrest in Tanzania,” reads part of the statement issued by the Ministry of Information, Communication and Information Technology on Saturday.

The government assured all embassies, international organisations, companies, institutions, foreigners and the general public that Tanzania territory is safe and there is no civil unrest or terrorist threats.

“Our agencies remain vigilant to ensure the safety and protection of individuals and their property…. we are cooperating with our partner states to interdict any security threat,” read part of the statement.

In a related development the Ministry of Works and Transport   has dismissed   as baseless, alarmist, unfounded, inconsiderate and insensitive the publication of the statement regarding civil unrest in Tanzania.

The statement was made available on KLM website on January 27 this year when communicating the cancellation of flights scheduled to arrive at Julius Nyerere International Airport and Kilimanjaro International Airport.

Minister for Works and Transport Prof Makame Mbarawa said in a statement availed to the media yesterday that the statement has caused unnecessary fear and panic to the general public and aviation industry at large.

He urged the public to ignore the statement.

Prof Mbarawa said as of to –date (yesterday) there is no recorded civil unrest within the territory of Tanzania which impairs aviation operations within the country.

He informed the public and international community that operations at JNIA and KIA are ongoing.

The minister said on January 27 at JNIA 17 out of 18 international scheduled flights with 2,545 passengers were facilitated while at KIA five international flights with 823 passengers were facilitated.

Until 3:15 pm yesterday 12 international scheduled flights at JNIA were facilitated.

He said his office continues to ensure that aviation industry is safe and secure in Tanzania as per national and international standards.

The government statement came just a few days after the Police Force in the country allayed fears over possible terrorist attacks, insisting the country was safe.

The Force issued a statement on Thursday (January 26, 2023) after the USA Embassy in the country issued a security alert on Wednesday, advising USA citizens and other citizens in Dar es Salaam and elsewhere in the country to take precaution.

However, Police Spokesperson, Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police (SACP) David Misime on Thursday assured the public of their safety and urged them to remain calm and continue with their daily businesses.

On Wednesday the US Embassy in Dar es Salaam warned that: “Terrorist groups could attack with little or no warning targeting hotels, embassies, restaurants, malls and markets, police stations, mosques and other frequented places by Westerners.”

But the Tanzania Police Force assured the public that the country was safe.

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