Tanzania improves in latest world’s most powerful passport list

AS Singapore passport ranked as the most powerful travelling document in the world, Tanzania has improved its position by seven spots from last year and is currently ranked 69 on the Index along with Indonesia, with visa –free access to 73 nations around the world, the Henley Passport Index shows.

Kenya ranked 67 on Index with visa-free access to 76 countries while Uganda ranked 72 with free access to 69 countries.

Globally, Singapore has overtaken Japan to boast of the world’s most powerful passport.

This means that a Singapore passport allows holders visa-free entry to 192 destinations out of 227 in the world.

Singapore passports

The global passport ranking for 2023 was conducted based on data provided by the International Air Transport Authority, or IATA, which ranks the world’s passports based on the number of destinations their holders can access without a prior visa.

According to the newly released report, Germany, Italy and Spain tied in second place, with their citizens being able to visit 190 global destinations in the world.

Japan, which topped the list last year, slipped to third place — its passport allowing visa-free access to 189 destinations, down from 193 in 2022.

Other passports that tied with Japan to rank third place are Austria, Finland, France, Luxembourg, South Korea and Sweden.

The UK jumped up two places to come in fourth, having turned the corner after a six-year decline.

“The general trend over the history of the 18-year-old ranking has been towards greater travel freedom,” Henley and Partners statement said.

On the other side, at the bottom of the list is Afghanistan with easy access to 27 destinations, Yemen (99), Pakistan (100), Syria (101) and Iraq (102) round up the bottom five.

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