Tanzania, DRC trade volume set for new heights

TANZANIA: THE Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has launched the Commercial Section Office in Charge of Mineral Business Products to uplift trade volume with Tanzania.

Through this new arrangement, DRC minerals which pass through the Dar es Salaam Port will be certified in the country. Establishment of the office, among others, will enhance minerals business and curb smuggling which over decades has undermined the DRC export through the port.

Speaking during the inauguration ceremony on Monday in Dar es Salaam, the Director General of the office, Mr Marcel Yampanya, said that through the new arrangement exporters will be issued with certificates of approvals at the port.

“Absence of the commercial mineral office here in Tanzania over years gave crooks room to fake export documents, a situation that hindered legitimate mineral business. Therefore the DRC through its embassy has opted to establish the office as an enabler to legal mineral export including copper, cobalt and diamond,” Mr Yampanya said.

Adding; “Congo minerals export is the first business but again almost all minerals are exported through the Dar es Salaam Port, we want to facilitate the trade between the two countries” He said the legal export of the minerals will enable traders to utilise any form of transport including ports through the waterways and airports which will in return boost revenue generation in all countries.

To curb smuggling, he said the Commercial Section Office in Charge of Mineral Business Products will be coordinating all information pertaining to mineral logistics. Mr Yampanya appreciated President Dr Samia Suluhu Hassan for strengthening trade relations with the DRC, highlighting Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA)’s decision to establish its office in DRC.

In another Development, the TPA’s Director of Marketing and Public Relation, Dr George Fasha underlined the significance of a smoothened business environment with DRC, citing that the country is the largest customer of the Dar es Salaam Port.

He noted that DRC’s cargo volume through the Dar es Salaam Port reached 3.4 million metric tonnes in the last Financial Year (2022/2023) from 1.9 million metric tonnes handled in 2018/2019.

“We appreciate the efforts and we will be here to serve you at any time. TPA will do whatever it takes in ensuring that there is heightened business relationship with mutual profit” Dr Fasha said.

Dr Fasha noted that TPA has already established its offices in Lubumbashi and Kolwezi. He said the authority further managed to carry out a feasibility study for the third office establishment in the Eastern DRC. President of the Tanzania Freight Forwarders Association (TAFFA), Mr Edward Urio said establishment of the office will mitigate cargo theft and ensure maximum safety.

“The move will reduce the tittle tattles over some smuggling of minerals from DRC which pass through the Dar es Salaam Port, now we have the office that will be used to certify minerals originating from the DRC,” he said.

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